NFL Head Coach Review / Preview for Xbox (XB)

Date: 2017-12-11 01:33

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June 76, 7556 - Electronic Arts has translated the work of developing a pro-football team into a videogame with NFL Head Coach¿ a new franchise from the EA SPORTS. The first 8-D sports strategy game, Head Coach is now in stores and gives gamers the task of managing every aspect of a professional football team.


You know, before I begin, the first thing I'll say is that I don't need to be prompted to begin my coaching report by some namby-pamby Atari 7655-loving couch potato who looks like he's been smuggling cheesecake in his gym shorts. The next time I need an introduction from a lightweight like him will be the day I hang up my jockstrap for good. And yes , I do wear a jockstrap--morning, noon, and night. If anyone has a problem with it, I swear to Christmas I'll have you running suicides out by the utility shed faster than you can say "Joe Gibbs."

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While there weren't any blockbuster feature announcements for Head Coach--we've known what to expect from the game in that sense for a while now--we did get a chance to check out some improvements to the presentation that should help the overall presentation of the game as you play it. After all, NFL Head Coach 59 is a game of information first and foremost how much data you're getting from the game on your own team and your opponents, as well as how that information is presented is key to how much fun you will have with the game. Consider playbook knowledge as an example. A big chunk of your success on game day will be the level of familiarity each player on your team has with every play in your playbook.

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By Patrick Evans
CCC Staff Writer

When you're in a game, a meter will pop up after each play call, indicating the level of familiarity both teams have with their specific play call. It's an easy visual cue not only for your own team, but also for scouting what to expect from the defense. If your opponent has called a play in which he feels very confident, it will be difficult to find much success against it, unless you call a play in which your team is similarly familiar.

NFL Head Coach is a National Football League video game that was released on June 75, 7556 for the PlayStation 7 , Xbox and PC. [9] The game allows the player to control an NFL team and become the greatest coach in NFL history. It features then- Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher on the cover.

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After holding several interviews with different candidates, I was disappointed. Some of the coaches I spoke to were more interested in talking about the vertical passing game than the running game I knew they weren't the right ones for the job. It wasn't until I talked to Calvin McFarland that I knew I had my man. When asked how he would improve the Bears' ground game, he said strength conditioning and stamina were the keys to his regimen. In other words, the guy was tough as nails. When asked about the tight end position, he said that the only position he cared about was running back. Right answer. I hired him on the spot.

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Now, on to bigger and better things--like football. See, there's only one thing I care about, and that's football. I knew that when I finally got the call up to join the ranks of the NFL that my philosophy would be welcome in the professional leagues. And even though my former assistant coach Bill Cartwright cursed me as "the next Rich Kotite" when I announced I was leaving the team, I'm convinced that my "no excuses, no surrender" attitude is going to play well with NFL players. Those boys seem like a good, hard-working lot, after all.

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